Posted on: May 6, 2009 7:43 pm

NBA has exciting playoff games, What's the matter

So the NBA has had a couple 'great' series with some amazing games in the first round of the playoffs... So what is the problem? The NBA is going in the tank. (I am from Seattle and this isn't just because the NBA left Seatle) The NBA is not failing just because of the bad economy. The bad economy doesn't help a already struggling league. One of the things that is keeping the NBA some what popular is the huge popularity in China. If you look at a poll taking by Harris you will see that professional basketball is now less popular than the NHL (
). Professional basketball now trails, pro football, baseball, college football, auto racing and hockey. It is currently tied with college basketball and men's golf. How can the NBA fix this problem?
The NBA may not be able to save its self, but if it wants to try, it must first regain confidence with its viewership. People still don't believe the games aren't fixed. Everyone knows that the NBA (and other professional sports) make more money when large markets (cities) make it to the playoffs and win the championship. If the NBA can change people's confidence the next thing they need to do is increase viewership with the older demographics. Younger generations enjoy the NBA but they don't have a lot of money so they can't pay $200 for a jersey (plus they can probably just go online and buy a fake one for a lot cheaper). This last part will not be easy to do. They will lose some of their younger support in the process. I have to go teach a class now but there is so much more to this than what has been written. What do you think is the problem or what do you think could change the situation?

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Posted on: November 4, 2008 6:17 am

Boycott the NBA

Because of what happened in Seattle with the Sonics the NBA needs to be boycotted until David Stern it fired or resigns from being the chairman of NBA operations.  Yes, this is important because most teams do not come from a large city like LA or New York and all of those teams that come from a city the size of Seattle or smaller can lose there teams just as fast as Seattle lost theirs. 
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